The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of the Patron and is accountable to the Patron and the Department of Education. The Board has responsibility for areas such as enrolments, finances, safety, employment of staff, school insurance, upholding the school ethos etc. The Principal is appointed to direct the daily affairs of the school and reports to the Board.


The current Board of Management began their four-year term in November 2023

Patron’s Nominee & Chairperson                            Fr. Peter Ahearne

Principal & Secretary                                                 Eugene Fogarty

Patron’s Nominee & Treasurer                                Paudie Everard

Parents’ Nominee & Safety Officer                         Andrew Kennedy

Parents’ Nominee                                                      Therese Duffy

Teachers’ Nominee                                                    Sarah Prednergast

Community Nominee                                                Michael Murphy

Community Nominee                                                Sheenagh Nix

The members of the Board of Management act together as a unit, rather than representing any particular grouping. Our Board works hard to ensure that the educational progress and the welfare of the students is the overriding consideration in all their decisions. The Board provides a summary report on its work each year.