Healthy Lunches

Children require healthy, nutritious school lunches. A sandwich, a piece of fruit, perhaps a yoghurt and a non-fizzy drink are recommended as an appropriate lunch. Fizzy drinks, crisps and chewing gum are not allowed and chocolate should be kept to a minimum. Specific time is set aside for children to eat and they may go outside once finished. In general, children who have balanced, regular diets are more alert and responsive at school. Because some children in our school have suffered from nut allergies, all nuts and nut products are banned.


Powerstown N.S. has recently introduced a lunch delivery service to the school. This service is provided by ‘The Lunch Bag’  and allows children to order fresh food each day at a very reasonable cost. There is a wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, rolls, salads and snacks available which cater for all taste.

The Lunch Bag Leaflet