Healthy Lunches

An initiative of the Department of Social Protection is the introduction of Hot Lunches for primary school children. The food provider for Powerstown NS is Gourmet Kids. This is due to commence on Monday 22nd April 2024.

Parents must register for their child(ren) to receive a daily hot lunch and orders for the following week must be placed by 6pm on the Wednesday of the previous week.

A snack will likely be required for the small break. This could be a sandwich, a piece of fruit, perhaps a yoghurt. We encourage the children to drink regularly throughout the school day. Fizzy drinks, crisps and chewing gum are not allowed and chocolate should be kept to a minimum. In general, children who have balanced, regular diets are more alert and responsive at school. Because some children in our school have suffered from nut allergies, all nuts and nut products are banned.